LaKeisha K. Vaden



Welcome to King's Kreations website. She is the owner/creator behind the scenes. King's Kreations was started in 2006 as a hobby, and that hobby was blessed into a business. God has always blessed her with the gift of creativity but she just didn't know what she wanted to do with it. 

LaKeisha is a country girl that was born and raised in Mississippi. This is currently where her business  resides. She is a Graduate of West Point High School class of 2006.  Shortly after graduation she decided she wanted to take a different route. She enrolled at the Art Institute of Nashville, Tennessee. She completed her study program with a degree in Culinary Arts & a Concentration in Baking & Pastry. Yes, we know that has nothing to do with graphics but God has blessed her hands on many levels. 

Family is very important to LaKeisha. She is a Wife, & Mom of two Beautiful Daughters. Her long term goal is to build a successful business that she can pass down to her girls. She wants to show them you can do whatever you put your mind to. As long as you keep God first the sky is the limit. 

La’Keisha King has been involved with the printing industry since 2004 when her family owned and operated K Printing. From 2004 to 2007 she managed majority of the printing needs under K Printing. La’Keisha demonstrated a unique ability to earn and maintain customer trust with her steadfast determination to meet and exceed customer expectations. Her outgoing personality is continually reinforced with client recognition, confidence and trust. After 2007, she was handling all aspects of the printing process individually so that's when King's Kreations was birthed. 

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